Our Mission

The goal of Fitter Futures is a simple one. We envision a nation where all young people have access to the tools and resources required in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We believe that an active lifestyle is essential in order to realize the full potential of one’s mind, body, and spirit.

Through increased activity levels we hope to encourage confidence, a strong sense of independence, and improved ties to community. By establishing love and respect for fitness early on, we believe children will be better prepared to face a world full of challenges and opportunity.

With your donations we intend to offer gym memberships to disadvantaged youth. In addition, we offer sports scholarships for children of all ages to participate in an organized sports activity of their choice. We believe that by helping one child at a time to realize their fitness potential, we can lead the children of our nation to brighter, Fitter Futures.

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Our Team

We are a group of like-minded individuals who bonded over a love of sports and a passion for living a healthy life. We are equally inspired to share that love with the youth of our nation. We believe that investing in youth is the best way to work towards a healthy tomorrow. Our vision for this project was inspired by a common love for health and community. We all believe in the power of Fitter Futures to make an impact in our community.


Rishiraj Choudhary


Rishiraj Choudhary spent his childhood and young adulthood in the heart of Mumbai, India. Growing up in a diverse city with immense economic divide, he became increasingly aware of the challenges faced by disadvantaged families. Malnutrition amongst children was strikingly common. In these families children often worked to contribute to their family’s survival. Sports and organized playtime were not an option. The idea of children being denied the basic right to experience a happy, healthy childhood was one that has inspired him to want to fight for change.

In 2008, Rishiraj came to the United States in order to complete his M.S. at Columbia University. He was shocked to find that while the battle was slightly different, the United States was also facing an epidemic of malnutrition, in the form of obesity. He believes that an individual in full health has unbounded potential and by providing disadvantaged children with the tools to become healthy we can help to unleash that potential.


Emily Grove


Emily Grove was raised in a close-knit community on Whidbey Island, roughly 30 minutes north of Seattle. She found a love for sports early on in her childhood, experimenting with tee-ball, swimming, and ballet until she found her true passion in soccer. She remembers the struggles her family faced trying to pay for the expensive club fees and uniform costs. Her mother diligently searched for scholarship opportunities to help lighten the expenses and it didn’t take long to realize that sports scholarships for young people are hard to come by. She came to realize that for many children, participating in organized sports was not a reality for one simple reason, their family’s economic status.

In a world where a healthy child is becoming harder to find, she believes that we should be encouraging our children to get active and fighting to remove the barriers that prevent them from living up to their full potentials as active healthy beings.


Suneet Diwan


Suneet is a first generation American. Like many other immigrant’s new to the United States, Suneet’s parents worked multiple jobs while attending college, all in the hope of bettering their family’s prospects. Unfortunately, this left the family with limited access to resources for extra curricular activities. Early in his childhood, Suneet began to struggle with his weight and grew to be significantly overweight throughout his teenage years and into his early adulthood. It was not until his college years that he gained access to the resources which enabled him to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. He believes that had he had access to such resources throughout his childhood, he would have discovered the key to a healthy life much earlier.

As someone who is passionate about community and compassionate for those who encounter life’s many unfair struggles, Suneet made it his goal to prevent children from having to face the same challenges he faced. Through his determination to make a difference in children’s lives, Fitter Futures was born.


Sahil Diwan


Sahil Diwan is a programmer, designer, and technology fanatic. He is a recent graduate that studied Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Oregon. In his spare time you will find him coding or at a Crossfit gym.

Sahil is passionate about health, family, and community. He believes Fitter Futures is an important opportunity to strengthen these ties for disadvantaged children. He loves that the organization is grounded in a commitment to bettering both individuals and community.